World Languages

Ashbrook’s extraordinary World Languages program is a gateway to global understanding, fostering communication, cultural appreciation, and a lifelong passion for languages. We delve beyond grammar and vocabulary, celebrating the traditions, literature, and customs of the languages we teach. Our passionate language instructors bring languages to life, making lessons engaging, interactive, and tailored to different learning styles. Each Kindergarten class enters into either the Chinese, French, or Spanish cohort. The cohort will remain in that language, taking a 30-minute class every day, through 4th grade. After 4th grade, students–with the help of their families–can decide to stay in their cohort language through middle school or switch to a new language at the beginner level.

Each year, all language students participate in the Ashbrook World Languages Festival which celebrates the study of world languages and cultures. Students create and present skits, sing authentic songs, and perform cultural dances.

All programs adopt best practices which engage students and allow them to achieve a high level of acquisition.  Students who stay in their original language cohort typically reach sufficient proficiency at the end of 8th grade to place into second or third year high school language courses.

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