We develop well rounded students through myriad extracurricular opportunities. Students can explore personal interests in-depth through experiential learning, competitions, after-school clubs, and special events.

Outdoor Learning

Every year, our students in grades 6-8 attend a multiday Outdoor Science School operated by OMSI.  Small groups of students are led by professional OMSI educators on 5-hour Field Study lessons and 1.5-hour Interest Group activities where they investigate the natural world and inspire curiosity through chosen topics. We alternate between  two regional sites: The Coastal Discovery Center at Camp Gray and Hancock Field Station in the  John Day fossil beds. Chaperones include parents and staff members.

In addition, our teachers take full advantage of our 12.5 acre campus and the nearby Bruce Starker Arts Park & Natural Area to incorporate outdoor learning in their lessons.

Competitive Teams

Students can form teams that compete with teams from other schools. Ashbrook Independent School teams have done well in competitions, as evidenced by the awards displayed in the Commons. Parent volunteers work with teachers to supervise teams, such as:

  • Cross Country
  • Lego Robotics
  • Oregon Battle of the Books
  • Model UN

After School Lessons and Activities

Each year interested Ashbrook Independent School students and parents can arrange for after school clubs, classes, and activities that meet on the campus, and provide additional opportunities for students. Examples include:

  • Math Club
  • Harry Potter Club
  • Music Lessons
  • Art projects
  • Annual School Theater production
  • Chess Club

Each spring, K-8 students participate in a science fair. Projects are planned around a specific theme and displayed for all families to view and to enjoy.

Eighth Grade Trip

Each spring, the graduating 8th graders culminate their Ashbrook experience with a multi-day trip to Seattle. Parents and staff plan the trip to include educational, community service, and entertainment elements. The trip is paid for by fundraising and family contributions. Chaperones include parents and staff members.

Fifth Grade Sleep-In

A new tradition is a fall  5th grade overnight sleep-in at Ashbrook. It’s a fun time meant to build camaraderie and confidence in the new Middle School students . Chaperones include parents and staff members.

Dances and Movie Nights

Middle School students plan dances and movie nights during the school year with the help of their teachers and parents.

Field Day

A field day is held each spring for students. All grade levels are involved in competition and fun.

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