Middle School: Grades 5-8

Ashbrook students in grades 5 through 8 continue to build and expand basic knowledge by developing higher level thinking skills, including application, analysis, synthesis, and integration of content areas. In-depth learning, time management, and organizational skills are emphasized. Teachers present a balance of conceptual understanding, problem solving, and skill building.

Middle School Curriculum

5th Grade
Welcome to a pivotal year of growth, empowerment, and preparation for the exciting world of middle school! Our 5th grade transition program is thoughtfully designed to help students seamlessly navigate the shift from elementary to middle school, ensuring a confident start and a successful academic journey ahead. With a focus on building essential skills, fostering independence, and promoting self-assurance, we guide students through this important milestone with care and support. Fifth grade students study the core subjects of math, English/language arts, science, and history with a homeroom teacher. As they progress throughout the school day, students move to different classrooms for their specific electives which include art, beginning band, P.E./health, world languages, and technology classes. Additionally, the 5th grade students spend 6 weeks every term with each of the middle school teachers during a rotation class. This mini-class serves as an introduction to each middle school teacher’s subject area and supports a smooth transition to 6th grade.

Click below to see a sample curriculum overview of a previous year. We encourage our teachers to be flexible and adjust the curriculum around the needs of their current class.

Grades 6-8 – Core I Classes
Our middle school’s core classes are the foundation of a well-rounded education, cultivating critical thinking, communication skills, and a deep understanding of key subjects. With dedicated educators, interactive lessons, and a commitment to academic excellence, we prepare students to excel in an ever-evolving world. Our passionate teachers are subject matter experts who inspire students to explore, question, and analyze, fostering a love for lifelong learning. Core I subjects include daily advanced-level math, science, history, and English/language arts.

Grades 6-8 – Core II Classes
Core II classes are taught two to three times per week and include physical education/health, world languages, band, and art. Each grade takes one term of grade-level PE/Health class in addition to other physical education electives. All middle school students select a world language (French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese) when they enroll and continue in that language through 8th grade. Students have the option to join a band in grades 6-8 which includes a beginning band, intermediate band, and advanced band. During middle school, all students will enroll in one term of Core Art and one term of 8th Grade Art in addition to other art electives. The arts and language experiences at Ashbrook enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills, enriching students’ overall academic experience.

Grades 6-8 – Core III Classes
Our middle school’s exceptional range of elective courses empowers students to pursue their passions, explore new interests, and develop skills beyond the core curriculum. With a diverse array of subjects to choose from, we offer a comprehensive educational experience. Electives allow students to tailor their education and discover their strengths and interests while gaining a well-rounded skill set. From boat building to cartooning, our electives equip students with essential skills, nurture their imagination, and foster innovation! These exciting electives vary from year to year. Click here to see the 2023-2024 elective catalog.

Click below to see a sample curriculum overview of a previous year. We encourage our teachers to be flexible and adjust the curriculum around the needs of their current class.

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