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Explore Extraordinary! through Ashbrook OnLine


Ashbrook OnLine is an exciting opportunity for child(ren) in grades 4-8 (roughly ages 9-16) to access advanced mathematics courses like Algebra and Geometry taught remotely by an Ashbrook mathematics teacher. Through Ashbrook OnLine, they will BE an Ashbrook Explorer, with full access to their teacher during and outside of class time, just as if they were on campus.

Though the Ashbrook OnLine access to the Explorer community would be remote, the membership will be anything BUT at a distance.

This connection to Ashbrook also includes an invitation to the entire family to all on campus extracurricular events such as theater performances, band (on the stage or in the audience!), dances, movie nights, field trips, participation on academic or athletic teams (such as Model UN; Speech and Debate; Math Counts; FLL Robotics; Rube Goldberg; Cross Country; and Gaga, Badminton, and Kickball Tournaments) AND community events for the adults!

Please indicate interest in Ashbrook OnLine by completing this form by April 26, 2024, and Ashbrook will be in touch with the date of a family information meeting. The cost will be $500 per term (fall, winter, spring) or $1500 for the year.

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