Ashbrook's Got Talent -- April 26 at 3:30 pm
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Is your student ready to share their talent--whatever that may be--with the Ashbrook Community? Then sign them up to be a part of Ashbrook's Got Talent!

There are 3 ways to participate:
1) Perform on stage
2) Perform via a video submission (due April 19)
3) Be a part of the technical crew under the direction of Mr. Holaday.

Entries can be a solo act or a group act, but all performances must be 3 minutes or less. They cannot directly use copyrighted music in their performance. (For example, they can perform a Taylor Swift song by singing it or playing it on an instrument, but they can't dance to a recording of a Taylor Swift song.) There will be time to rehearse on stage April 23 or 24 after school (3-5 pm).

So is your student ready to be Ashbrook famous? Sign them up for Ashbrook's Got Talent!

Adult Contact
Main student contact name for performance
Do they want to perform on stage or via video submission? Or do they want to be a part of the tech crew?
If they are performing on stage, will they need time to set-up anything? (Tables, chairs, props, etc)
There will be 2 rehearsals before the show. If they are performing on stage or want to be a part of the tech crew, they must attend one of these rehearsals. Which will they attend?