Back to the Basics

Back to the Basics – I bet you know how to do lots of cool stuff on your phone, but do you know how to boil and egg? Knit?  Write and send a letter?  Read a map?  Sew a button?  Clean a bathroom?  Make Jello?  Write a check?  Do a load of laundry?  All those things that your grandparents used to do and are shocked by when you draw a blank stare when asked?  This is the class for you!  Gottlieb by no means claims to know how to do everything (for example, she’s never mowed a lawn), but she WILL show you how to do some old-fashioned but important stuff by channeling her farm-lady Grandma Doris to take us back-to-the-basics.  There is no traditional homework for this class, although students may be asked to perform a simple task(s) at home and have a parent sign off on it.  Otherwise, class time will be task or project based and grading will be on effort and participation.

  • Homework: None