Anatomy 2

Anatomy & Physiology 2 (Ms. Marliave)- This class is aimed at those who are interested in the body and how it works! In this class, students will begin thinking about the body in a new, exciting way. The class will solely focus on the muscles of the body.

In this course the students will earn all of the muscles in the body as well as the function of muscles. The class will use a Human Anatomy and Physiology text, as well as the anatomy coloring book. The material will be presented through lecture format as well as power point presentations, clinical discussions, cat dissection  and the utilization of 3D printing/scanning technology in order to see muscles/structures discussed throughout the class.

The Anatomy and Physiology elective will contain lab tests identifying names/functions as well as multiple choice questions regarding topics discussed in class.

*Class is open to seventh and eighth graders only.

A class fee of $20 is required for a pig dissection kit.

  • Homework: Light (MST)
  • 5(B)

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