3D Pioneers

3D Pioneers (Webber) -Students will be tasked with the challenge of 3D Print Assembly.  This “Build to Print” objective will require a small team to construct a 3D printing machine using the Assembly Manual and their own expertise.  The Ultimaker retail kit has an estimated 20 hour build time.

This class is structured to give student Pioneers enough time to plan, strategize, and execute their build  while allowing plenty of classroom hours after completion to put the machine through it’s paces (Printing design challenges such as prosthetics for the e-Nable cause).  The group will also have access to the HP Sprout for 3D scanning and/or rendering to model and print.

*8th grade preference and/or teacher approval.  Total/Max # of students: 6
*The class will be video documented (signed waiver requirement).

  • Homework: Optional (MST)
  • 6(A)

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