Admissions Application

Ashbrook Admissions Application Instructions

Welcome to our Online Admissions Application. This form is for new student admissions applications.  If your child is already attending or admitted to Ashbrook please contact the main office for enrollment information.  Please reference the Admissions Process Steps if you need more information on what happens at each step.  If you have not completed a school tour, we encourage you to complete this step prior to submitting an application if at all possible.  You can also contact the Admissions Team by calling (541) 766-8313 or emailing

Application Submission

The completed application signals a prospective family’s intent to pursue admissions for their student(s) attending Ashbrook.  The application is completed through a link on our website is specific to the grade level your student is applying for. You cannot save the online application form to return later, so we encourage you to allot sufficient time to complete it at one time.  You can move forward or backward through the sections of the form, but you will not be able to move to a new section until all required fields are filled in for the previous section.  After you complete the application, you must hit submit on the bottom of the final page for the information to be successfully sent.

Teacher Recommendations

When making admissions decisions, we look at multiple areas of an applicant’s development.  To ensure that we are able to get a full understanding of a prospective student, we do ask for families to provide completed Teacher Recommendation forms to the Admissions Team as part of the Admissions Process. Teacher Recommendation forms can be submitted as part of the application (via email or mail) and preferably prior to the Admissions Visit.  Recommendations must be submitted before a final Admissions Decision can be made.

Step 1:             Submit completed online application. Click HERE for the application.

Step 2:             Distribute Teacher Recommendation Forms to your student’s current teacher. Ashbrook Admissions Teacher Recommendation Form

STEP 3:          After all application materials are received, qualified students will be invited to an Admissions Visit. The Admissions Team will contact prospective families to schedule this visit. There is an Admissions Processing Fee of $75 per student applying that will need to be paid when you come to the school for the Admissions Visit.