Student Performances

Ashbrook is producing TWO plays this spring so the Lower School and Middle School cohorts could rehearse and perform safely. And in order to keep every safe who wants to see those plays, we will be filming them next week and providing online access to the finale edit of the productions–thanks to videographer and parent Ash Terry–in May. A suggested donation of $10 through a link on the Ashbrook website (coming soon!) will provide you access to the shows, so SAVE THE DATES of May 20-22 for your family to watch together from the comfort of your own living room! And don’t forget to tell out-of-town family and friends that they will be able to watch the plays this year as well!


“Ah, middle school. The best/worst years of your life! The friends, the memories, the life lessons, and of course the…inevitably haunting embarrassments that will leave emotional scars for years to come! Join a group of real life middle school students as they uncover the wonders/perils of their first dance, the marvels/horrors of field trips, the joy/humiliation of gym class, and many more of the numerous fond/traumatizing aspects of life as a middle school student.”


Monkeys and turtles and coyotes — oh, my! There is something for everyone in this delightful collection of fables. Storytellers act out this creative collection of six stories from around the world.

  • The Monkey’s Heart
  • Anansi’s Dinner Guest
  • Bremen Town Musicians
  • Coyote Gets Revenge
  • There Are No Tigers in Borneo
  • Why Dog Chases All Other Animals