Character Education

The culture of Ashbrook Independent School is guided by our Character Traits. We progress monthly, from one trait to next, throughout the course of the year.  Exploring the meaning and significance of our chosen traits gives them context within our lives.

Courtesy: Students and teachers treat one another with respect. They are polite as a matter of habit. (September)

Consideration: Students consider how their actions affect others and do not act carelessly or waste others’ time or resources. They treat others with kindness. (October)

Foresight: Students plan ahead, prepare for what may come, and do not take pointless risks. They are careful in making their choices. (November)

Duty to Family: Students attempt to pay their debt to those who made their lives possible. (December)

Enterprise: Students work diligently and tenaciously toward goals they willingly set themselves. (January)

Self-mastery: Students learn to control themselves, both physically and emotionally. (February)

Integrity: Students strive to achieve consistency between what they say and what they do. (March)

Resourcefulness: Students find ways to accomplish their goals, even when their tools are inadequate. (April)

Self-Assurance: Students know what they believe and where they stand. (May)

Bravery: Being brave allows a person to try new things. (June)

Citizenship: We should all contribute to our community and interact with our neighbors.  (July)

Responsibility:  It is important to be responsible so you and others are safe. (August)