Ashbrook Independent School

Teachers and Staff

Ashbrook Independent School’s teachers and staff are the heart and soul of our programs. We strive to have outstanding teachers who not only excel at teaching but also keep in mind the development and interests of the whole student.

Beginning School (Pre-S/Pre-K)

  • Nikki Evans, Pre-K Teacher
  • Tina Welch, Pre-K Assistant

Lower School (K-4)

  • Vickie Wheatley, Kindergarten
  • Soozi Stevens, First Grade 
  • Rachel Sechler, Second Grade (Class Website)
  • Erin Kooyman, Third Grade 
  • Brenda Jensen, Fourth Grade 

Middle School Core (5-8)

  • Jade Chambers, Fifth Grade (Class Website)
  • Robert Blackman, Middle School History
  • Rachael Van Fleet, Middle School Science 
  • Lynette Gottlieb, Middle School English
  • Paul Hunt, Middle School Math 
  • Ann Blythe, Middle School Math (Class Website)

Special Areas

  • Scott Gerweck, Music 
  • Erik Olson, Art 
  • Kimberly Gifford, Theater
  • Claire Burand, French 
  • Luh Jang Chen, Chinese 
  • Lori Wilson, Spanish
  • Emma Marliave, Physical Education (Class Website)

After Care

  • Paul Hunt, Middle School Study Hall
  • Robbin Stevenson, Extended Day Director
  • Elizabeth Sterling, Extended Day Assistant


  • Heather Banks, Kitchen Manager/Cook
  • Corine Wehner, Kitchen Assistant

Office Staff

  • Melissa Hausmann, Principal
  • Christopher Webber, Assistant Principal
  • Elaine Pettigrew, Bookkeeper 
  • Carol Alley, Front Office Secretary 
  • Greg Hammerstad, Technical Support/Theater Manager 
  • Ed Trueblood, Lead Custodian/Grounds Keeper